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A Case Study

Optimum guided StackBench to align with a candidate who at first look would not be the normal choice, but was the right match.

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Since 2008, StackBench has been on the mission to make the world a better place through software. 


With an extensive portfolio of over 350 companies they call clients, they counter the industry norm of missed deadlines, overshot budgets and failed software projects. 


From ERP systems to custom mobile and web dev, their team of 75 aligns with your goals to develop customized software to help businesses grow.

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From a hiring perspective, Melissa Evans, StackBench’s COO, was up against a number of barriers:


  • StackBench tried doing the recruiting and interviewing themselves a few years back using Indeed. But they didn’t have the skillset to properly screen candidates. They didn’t find the right people and therefore needed to use recruiters

  • It’s been tough to compete with big companies with their benefits packages

  • Everybody at StackBench has so many things to do already, so there’s not a lot of free time to find, vet and interview all the candidates

  • If a position is left open, it affects a lot of business areas overall and the company suffers

  • They are concerned about finding the right fit for a position as they believe in the right person in the right seat. This goes beyond the resume, but should align the position with the person as a whole.. How their life outlook and attitude aligns with  StackBench's culture.

  • They’ve had a lot of frustration with most recruiting companies, from infrequent communication to an inability to find the right candidates. 

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Melissa Evans
StackBench COO


Optimum Staffing Solutions helped Melissa through her hiring process and past the barriers she was facing:


  • Throughout the process, Andrew from Optimum provided an advisory relationship to Melissa, going far beyond a normal recruiting relationship. She liked having someone to talk to throughout the process who was in a knowledgeable position to collaborate with.

  • Due diligence was done on each candidate to go deeper and find specific underlying factors that created the right match for StackBench. Optimum went deeper to find the feeling there… Not just what was on paper.

  • OSS provided a background on each person to Melissa, instead of just sending over resumes

  • At any point, when feedback was given, Optimum shifted accordingly to the feedback to align even more with Melissa. 

  • After updating the Job Description with Optimum’s help, within 3 days the right person was found… far exceeding expectations on speed to fill.

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If a standard recruiting person looked at the Job Description and the candidate who ended up being the perfect fit, they would not think it would be a match. But Andrew and Optimum did the due diligence, and had the expertise to find those specific underlying factors that created the match. 


Both StackBench and the winning candidate are extremely happy with finding each other and Optimum couldn’t be more pleased about being the catalyst that created such a beneficial working relationship.

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