A Complete SOW Management Solution for Your Contingent Workforce

As the economy tightens and state governments enact stricter regulations around employee rights and protections, many corporations are looking to a contingent workforce as a partial or total solution to their staffing needs. While there are several advantages to working with freelancers, independent contractors, and other contingent workers, setting clear expectations early in the hiring process remains key to the ultimate success of any project.


This is where the importance of effective SOW management is made obvious. The following information will discuss what SOW is, why it's so important to your business, and how you can benefit from a comprehensive SOW management solution.

What is SOW, and How Important is It for Your Business?

The acronym SOW stands for Statement of Work. One definition for a Statement of Work is "a description of services, products, and deliverables that a project is expected to produce." An SOW may also set expectations specific to a company's contingent workforce, such as performance standards, timelines, and payments for the work to be performed.


Statements may be relatively simple and straightforward, or quite complicated, depending on the nature of the project. In any case, an SOW is important both for legal and practical reasons. Legally, it is not considered a binding contract; however, it is often useful as an exhibit should a dispute arise between you and your independent contractor(s). In practical terms, a Statement of Work is very helpful in preventing misunderstandings and screening out unqualified workers from the hiring process.

The Benefits of Working with Optimum Staffing Solutions to Help Manage Your Contingent Workforce

At Optimum Staffing Solutions, our team of Human Resources experts can work with you to develop a Statement of Work that is clear, concise, and comprehensive with regard to all key requirements for your project. Our SOW management solution allows you to hire contingent workers on a temporary basis that have the needed skills and qualifications to make your project a success without unnecessarily driving costs up.


Why choose Optimum Staffing Solutions? Our partnership model enables you to retain ultimate control over the hiring process without sacrificing responsiveness or flexibility. We work closely with you to develop an SOW that effectively describes the scope and details of the work that needs to be done; and then we locate the talent that aligns with your project parameters. Our strategic approach has resulted in scores of on-time project completions, the delivery of high-quality work, and many satisfied clients.

What are the Benefits of SOW Solutions?

Leadership and employee engagement consultant David Dye once said: "Success in leadership and business begins with clarity." The greatest benefit that a company can derive from an SOW solution is the establishment of clear project expectations on both sides — for the contingent workforce as well as their employer.


As mentioned above, a Statement of Work can also help to resolve disputes and serve as evidence of a company's "good faith" employment. In addition, SOWs allow for a more consolidated and detailed approach to data analysis, which in turn enables more efficient spend and fewer points of friction for administrators, HR managers, and other key stakeholders.


Clearly, SOW management is an integral part of successful project management. At Optimum Staffing Solutions, our SOW experts can help you to set detailed expectations for your contingent workforce, as well as locate high-quality talent, reduced spending,  

risk mitigation, cost management, supplier management, and talent engagement tracking.

To speak to one of our SOW management specialists, give our office a call at (336)-895-1052. We are happy to discuss how our SOW management solutions can benefit your business.