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Your Network Should Include a Recruiter

As a professional, you have a lot of assets. You have your education, your skills, and your experience, as well as the grit and wisdom that your experience helped you gain. You also have passion and enthusiasm for your work and the communication skills that have gotten you this far in your career. And of course, you also have your professional reputation.

One of your greatest assets, though, is often not talked about – your professional network.

Who’s in Your Professional Network?

Your professional network are those people you know through business and work. These people are your co-workers, colleagues, and acquaintances that you’ve made along the way. They’re the people you look to for advice and insight on topics that are relevant to your career. And sometimes, they’re the people that you just want to talk shop with without getting bogged down explaining industry terms.

Ideally, your professional network will be diverse so that you can trade information and insight with people who have different perspectives and experiences than you. Your network should have peers, supervisors, and even people who are relatively new to your field.

And your network should include recruiters.

Why Should your Network Include Recruiters?

In business, a recruiter is a professional who is tasked with finding the right person for a job. Most recruiters work for staffing agencies. These agencies work with several clients, and a recruiter’s compensation is tied to filling positions. More than just filling a position, a recruiter needs to fill a position with someone who is going to be successful in the job. The client wants a good employee, the candidate wants a good job and the recruiter wants to earn their fee. The recruiter also wants to get repeat business, so it’s in their interest to help someone find a job that they’ll want to hold for a fair amount of time, and that they’ll be successful at.

It doesn’t always work, but when it does, it’s a win for everyone involved.

Recruiters are natural networkers. It’s part of their job description, after all. Including recruiters in your professional network is a great way to expand your circle of acquaintances and lead to more career opportunities.

But I’m not Looking for a Job Right Now

So, you’re happy where you are, right now. That’s great! But it won’t always be the case. Things will change, maybe with your company or with your personal life. You might wish to change career trajectories. Or your company might need to hire someone new.

Whatever happens, and whenever it happens, you’ll need someone in your corner to give you advice and share a perspective that most of your network won’t have. Recruiters often have insights into business, and especially the job market that are difficult to find anywhere else. They may be able to put you in touch with a company that has an opening that they haven’t even published yet. Or they might know someone who isn’t actively looking for a job right now but who would be interested in a position that your company has. Or who knows someone who might be interested.

How to Network with Recruiters Effectively

Networking isn’t a one-way interaction. Just as you can’t only call on your friend when you need help moving, you can’t just call on your recruiter contact when you’re looking for your next job. Treat them as you would any other member of your network, and grow the relationship. Send them articles that might be of specific interest to them, and look out for their names in the business press. Take a genuine interest in them as a professional, and they’ll do the same. That way, you can both gain from being part of your professional network!

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