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What to Ask During Retention Interviews

If you’re suffering staffing issues, it’s time to start asking your current staff questions. Whether you can’t find quality candidates or you can’t hire fast enough, your business likely can’t afford to be short-staffed. Stop the bleeding by focusing on retention and making subsequent adjustments to address issues.

With so many employees looking for better pay and more appreciation, sitting down with each employee individually can help you understand what they need from you and from the company. From compensation to benefits to a long-term career path, you’ll want to know what’s on your employees’ minds. If your employees have stayed loyal to you during these past couple of challenging years, you’ll want to learn what you can do for them to keep them with your company.

What Is a Retention Interview

By focusing on your current employees, you can tap into their institutional knowledge and skills. It’s better for your business, your customer service, and your staff morale to retain your employees versus replacing them.

First, provide your staff with the items you wish to discuss during their retention interview in advance, allowing them to give thought to the points you’ll discuss. Of course, you’ll meet with each employee separately, making openness and honesty easier to achieve. Book a space where you can speak freely and uninterrupted.

Allow yourself some time following each interview. This gives you a little bit of extra cushion with an employee in case they start opening up toward the end of the interview. Keep in mind that you may not like what you hear. Remember to stay even-tempered to avoid an employee sensing defensiveness and subsequently withholding additional information.

Asking the Right Questions

Now, let’s get down to the actual questions you’ll ask. Be sure to ask follow-up questions if your employee’s response is minimal.

  • What do you expect when you arrive at work each day for good or for bad?

  • What could increase your job satisfaction?

  • What do you like best about working here? And least?

  • What can we do to support you?

  • What do you need more of from us? And less of?

  • How do you best receive feedback?

  • How do you most want to be recognized?

  • How long do you see yourself with our organization? In your role?

  • What would keep you with our organization?

  • What might make you leave?

  • Is there anything I haven’t asked that you think we should cover during this conversation?

By investing time and energy into retention interviews, you are taking the first step in resolving staffing shortages. Follow up after the interviews by making changes in your organization based on the feedback. If your employees use their time and energy to give thought to their answers only to discover that nothing changes, they may decide to expedite their departure plans.

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