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Tips for Your Remote Job Search if You Want to Continue Working Remotely

While it may seem like everyone is working remotely nowadays, not all remote work is equal. Depending on the type of remote work you want, you will find that some remote jobs still have restrictions that may not suit your new lifestyle or your new schedule.

By searching for the type of remote job, for key phrases, and for the company culture, you can determine the exact nature of their remote work culture. If working remotely instilled a liberation that allowed you to travel the country or the world while working, knowing the exact remote work culture can be valuable while you’re searching for a new remote job.

  • Double-check the type of remote job.

    • There are sometimes caveats to “remote” work. Oftentimes jobs will be listed as “Remote US” or “Remote Canada.” That only means you can work remotely within that country.

    • If you were planning on staying put and simply working from home, that’s fine. But if you were planning on leveraging your remote work to expand your horizons and work while traveling worldwide, a “Remote US” job will limit you to the borders of your country.

  • Look closely at the job description.

    • Some remote jobs require that you’re available for certain time zones. While working remotely in the US or even in Europe may allow for a time difference, working from other parts of the world would result in working in the middle of the night.

    • If you need to be available 9-5 Eastern Standard Time, keep that in mind if you were planning on working from parts of Asia.

  • And, as always, research the company listing the remote job.

    • The About Us page should list the company’s Vision and Mission along with their values and goals.

    • Search for phrases like “remote” or “virtual” – or even “100% remote.” Those phrases indicate that the company has team members around the world.

    • The company’s About page may even boast something like “We work in 30 countries around the world.” This embrace of the remote culture shows that the company understands how to operate as a remote work organization.

    • If the company’s About page shows an understanding of remote work, you’ll find an easier time working with them – versus a company that is still currently transitioning their workforce to a remote model.

    • If you find your dream job at a company that is still in the middle of transitioning their model to remote work, it may be worth the discomfort of the transition to work a job you love.

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