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The Top 6 Accounting and Finance Jobs in 2020

Are you looking for jobs in Greensboro, NC that will weather any recession or depression? If so, a contract staffing agency can help you land your dream role in accounting or finance. Regardless of what happens to the economy in the future, businesses will always exist, and they will always need professionals to keep their books and discover inefficiencies in their processes. 


1. Accounts Receivable/Accounts Payable Clerk

Whether you're looking to break into the accounting industry straight out of college, or you're looking to break out of the finance industry, an AR or AP clerk position is the ideal place to start. Accounts Receivable clerks are responsible for creating invoices, sending those invoices to customers, and collecting and appropriately applying payments, interest, and late fees. 

Accounts Payable clerks are responsible for paying the bills. If you're applying for an AP clerk position, be sure to brush up on your Accounting 101 notes. Depending on the industry of your employer, you may need to be comfortable with a two-point or three-point PO match system. If the company you work for uses automatic bill pay rather than cutting and mailing checks, you will need to keep a close eye on cash flow. In Greensboro, NC, the average salary for both A/R and A/P clerks was $51,600. 

2. General Accountant

If you already have experience with accounts receivable, accounts payable, or both, you should have no trouble landing a position as a general accountant. In Greensboro, NC, the average salary for a general accountant is $52,519, making it a desirable position for anyone who loves numbers, loves solving problems, and enjoys working on a team or working solo. Typically, a general accountant is responsible for: 

  • Reviewing G/L accounts

  • Making journal entries

  • Making AJEs

  • Reconciling balance sheet accounts monthly

  • Running financial reports monthly

  • Assisting external auditors

  • Posting accruals

3. Senior Accountant

If you find that you loved being a general accountant, but want more responsibilities and significantly more money, then the role of Senior Accountant is right for you. A senior accountant is responsible for such activities as analyzing budget variances, assessing internal controls, and supervising accounting staff, including general accountants, AR clerks, and AP clerks. In Greensboro, you can expect to earn approximately $76,590 per year as a Senior Accountant. 

4. Financial Analyst

If finance has always interested you more than accounting, you may be a good fit for a financial analyst role. A financial analyst is responsible for recommending changes in business operations after identifying operational inefficiencies. Financial analysts may also make recommendations for new product lines when they see an opportunity in the market. The average salary for this position in Greensboro is $85,146 per year. 

5. Senior Business Analyst

A senior business analyst is responsible for analyzing data and using that analysis to make strategically sound recommendations regarding how a business should operate in the future. He or she makes these recommendations after analyzing the data provided by the financial analyst. He or she usually communicates with advertising, finance, and marketing managers, among other department managers. On average, you can expect this role to offer compensation of $76,590 per year plus benefits in Greensboro. 

6. Controller

Primarily, a controller is responsible for the entire accounting department. They receive reports from the Senior Accountant and analyze it for inaccuracies that may have been missed. Even if the Senior Accountant gathers records for external auditors, the Controller is responsible for preparing all internal and external financial statements, communicating with external auditors, and evaluating both accounting and internal control systems, among other responsibilities. 

As of June 28, 2020, the average salary for a controller in Greensboro, NC was $190,658.  However, the salary you can expect depends on several factors, including the years of finance experience you have, the prestige of the university you graduated from, the certifications you hold and whether you negotiate for a higher salary in lieu of certain benefits. 

Please note that the average salary noted for each position may vary based on location.


Whether you're looking to break into the accounting or finance industry, or you need help filling an open position at your company, the premier contract staffing agency in Greensboro, NC can help you.  Contact us today to learn how we can help you. 

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