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The Top 10 Benefits of Hiring an HR Manager

Most companies have growth plans. To grow, a company needs to attract new talent. An HR Manager can help companies with a variety of tasks that most business owners cannot handle or do not want to handle. For small to medium-sized companies that do not have a formal HR department, outsourcing HR services is a great option in place of hiring a full-time HR Manager. To grow while simultaneously preventing turnover, an HR Manager can help recruit new employees while retaining current employees.

Here are the top reasons for hiring a skilled professional Human Resources Manager:

1. HR Managers Lead & Direct Hiring

Recruiting efforts do take up a lot of a company’s time and energy. An HR Manager can take on your hiring efforts, freeing up your schedule. By screening resumes, weeding out underqualified and overqualified applicants, interviewing prospects, conducting assessments, and making recommendations based on your company’s culture, an HR Manager will lead and direct hiring for you. An HR manager can increase productivity at your company by hiring skilled and trained professionals.

2. HR Managers Administer Pay

Offering a payroll solution for small to medium-sized companies, HR Managers can also administer pay. Beyond the traditional HR duties including salary changes, employee compliance, and deductions, an HR Manager can administer pay, especially for a relatively small number of employees.

3. HR Managers Administer Benefits

Not only can an HR Manager administer benefits, but they can also stay on top of competitors’ benefits packages to ensure your company is offering a package that will attract the best talent. Covering the indirect pay of your employees, your HR Manager administers a variety of benefits, including health insurance, life insurance, disability insurance, retirement plans, and perhaps lifestyle benefits.

4. HR Managers Enforce Company Policies and Practices

Improving internal processes and development, an HR Manager can enforce and streamline your company’s policies and practices. Whether your company needs to engage in conflict resolution or even the termination of an employee, your HR Manager can handle the situation for your company. They can also update policies and practices as needed.

5. HR Managers Oversee Orientation and Training

An HR Manager can implement the orientation process for your new hires, as well as oversee training. Ensuring no aspect of onboarding falls through the cracks, an HR Manager will help position new hires for success.

6. HR Managers Guide Performance Review Processes

An HR Manager can not only guide the performance review process, but they can also improve the process for both managers and their staff. By helping employees set goals for their year, HR Managers can help your company develop better employees.

7. HR Managers Keep Companies Legally Compliant

Different state and federal regulations apply to companies once they reach 50 or more employees. An HR Manager can keep your company in compliance with Affirmative Action, FMLA, and other regulations. By increasing compliance, your company can reduce costs and minimize risks.

8. HR Managers Track Paid Time Off

Whether tracking vacation time, sick time, or personal time, an HR Manager tracks time accrued and time used for employees.

9. HR Managers Allow Companies to Grow

Business owners often do not possess the time or talent to take on the tasks of an HR Manager. Also, they often do not do a good job administering these tasks. If your company has growth goals, you will need an HR Manager to not only free up your time to focus on building your business but to also help you recruit new talent to handle the new business.

10.HR Managers Document Employee Files

While maintaining files on employees, HR Managers document staff’s hiring paperwork, their benefits, their annual reviews, their annual goals, their paid time off, and their tax and employment forms. In addition to compliance, HR Managers keep records of everything related to employees. There is no other position like it.

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