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The Future of Hybrid Work

With hybrid work here to stay, companies are now shifting both policy and norms to include work-from-home arrangements. Employers are embracing the opportunity of shifting to hybrid work by rethinking their approach to all aspects of employment. By empowering employees, companies can help everyone navigate the intricacies of hybrid work. We’ve compiled a list of best practices for companies to incorporate into their new hybrid work future:

Set a clear hybrid work policy: Give employees a choice regarding when and where they work, as well as how they work. Unique to each company, the given policy can state a percentage of time spent working from home, e.g. 50% of the time.

Embrace the flexibility with new norms: Make it the norm that some or all employees may be working from home in everyday office procedures. By enhancing meeting rooms to optimize remote participants, companies can make it the norm to include them in the informal socializing that is so important to building connections. Meeting organizers can also extend food and beverage choices to remote participants during lunch meetings.

Empower managers to lead the shift to hybrid work: By giving managers the tools they need to form their hybrid working model, companies empower them to make all decisions regarding their employees’ work from home. Whether they need the power to approve work-from-home percentage that’s more than the company percentage or they need the flexibility to authorize home-office equipment purchases, managers should be the leaders in the decision-making regarding hybrid work.

Revolve the schedule around the hybrid model: With new policies such as “no-meeting” Friday, managers can acknowledge the challenges with work from home by creating a hybrid-friendly calendar. Managers can also model hybrid-friendly behaviors by delaying email delivery until traditional work hours.

Build a system focused on employee wellbeing and engagement: By creating a system that allows employers to gauge employee sentiment, companies can track and take measures to improve employee wellbeing. Compensating for face-to-face interactions requires a concerted effort to build a listening system. Design a method for employees to ask questions or even share their thoughts. Help employees operationalize breaks during the day.

Leverage flexibility to attract new talent: With a hybrid work model, companies can now attract and retain talent from anywhere. Companies can fill leadership roles without requiring new hires to relocate. Enabling companies to hire anyone, the hybrid work model can help companies draw diverse talent to their team.

Acknowledge and remedy digital exhaustion: Help employees at risk of burnout by developing sustainable work practices and habits. Encourage breaks between meetings. Shorten meetings company-wide.

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