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The Best Kept Secret in Talent Acquisition

The COVID virus has become more manageable as Americans have gotten vaccinated. Allowing our economy to slowly open, but now we have another problem. Well, it’s the same problem that we had before COVID – we have a talent crunch.

Everywhere you look, there are more and more job openings. And as the economy continues to bounce back, the market for top talent is only getting more competitive. Employers are spending more time and money on talent acquisition and getting few results.

Despite this, there is a deep talent pool right under our noses that has been ignored for years. This untapped talent pool offers employees who can improve a company’s revenues by 28 percent and profit margins by 30 percent.

So why aren’t these people in high demand? Because they have disabilities.

Why you Should Hire Someone with a Disability

There are many advantages to hiring people with disabilities. They have higher retention and productivity rates, and they’re less likely to be absent from work than other employees. Sounds good, right? But those aren’t the only benefits.

Tax credits and other programs

Only about twenty-nine percent of adults with a disability are fully employed. Because of this, the Federal government and many state governments offer tax credits for hiring someone with a disability. For example, companies that need to widen corridors, add accessible bathrooms, and update entry doors can use the Architectural Barrier Removal Tax Deduction, which can be up to $15,000. If your company currently has thirty full-time employees or fewer and earns less than $1 million per year, your company can combine these funds with the Disabled Access Credit during the same tax year.

Access to a deeper talent pool

There is currently a largely untouched talent pool of 10.7 million Americans with disabilities. The opportunity this offers can’t be overstated, especially for small businesses, which are often not able to match the pay and benefits offered by big companies.

Adding diversity to your team

People with disabilities are problem solvers. They are very adept at creating new solutions and workarounds – they have to be to participate in a society that often doesn’t take them into account. When you add employees with disabilities to your workforce, you gain valuable perspective and insight that you may not have had before.

This new perspective can help you expand your customer base. The after-tax income of working adults with disabilities is estimated to be $490 million, which is similar to the African-American and Hispanic market segments. Employing someone with a disability can help your company reach this market segment.

How to Hire a Person with a Disability

When it comes to talent acquisition, people with disabilities are no different from other potential employees. There are a few things to keep in mind.

Make sure your websites and applications are accessible

To hire a person with a disability, you will need to provide them the tools they need to learn about your company and apply to the position. If an applicant has a visual or hearing impairment, they may not be able to take full advantage of everything your website offers. Make sure that these tools are useful for everyone.

Train your interviewers

Like anyone else, people with disabilities want to be treated with respect and dignity. Remind your interviewers that it’s not acceptable to ask unnecessary questions about a candidate’s disability.

Work with your staffing partners

Be sure to let your staffing partners know that you are open to considering candidates who have disabilities and encourage them to reach out to the disabled community.

There are many advantages to hiring a person with a disability, but too often, employers let outdated ideas and prejudices stop them. Their loss can be your gain if you’re willing to be truly inclusive.

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