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The Advantages and Disadvantages of Temporary and Contract Staffing

There are both advantages and disadvantages to hiring temporary employees versus hiring long-term employees from the perspective of both the business, as well as the employee. While temporary staffing frees up a business from the burden of federal and state regulation regarding payroll and unemployment insurance, the business also risks the temporary employee work results not meeting the expectations of the hiring manager.

The Advantages of hiring a Temporary Workforce

  • The Business can fulfill an immediate need without spending time on the hiring process.

  • The business is not responsible for the liability, insurance, or payroll taxes of the employee. The business outsources these responsibilities to the staffing agency.

  • The business is not responsible for complying with federal and state regulations regarding salaries, overtime, etc. That business outsources these responsibilities to the staffing agency.

  • The businesses enjoy savings on benefits, including health insurance, vacation time, worker’s compensation insurance.

  • The hiring manager can evaluate a candidate’s skills before hiring permanently.

  • A temporary employee can be hired for a day, week, month, or even a year.

The Advantages and Opportunities for Skilled Professional

  • Rather than apply for multiple opportunities with multiple businesses, a candidate can apply with a single staffing agency that can then match the candidate’s skills with a position.

  • A candidate can skip the extensive training and onboarding involved when working on a temporary assignment.

  • The staffing agency may provide flexible benefits, 401K, Health Insurance, etc. to candidates.

  • Candidates can learn new skills to add to their resume.

  • An assignment can provide a flexible schedule

Working as a temporary employee can be an accommodating alternative to providing a work-life balance.

The Disadvantages of hiring a Temporary Workforce

  • A temp may not be a fulltime employee and may not receive company benefits.

  • The company may not have full control of the temp’s work schedule.

  • A temp may not feel like he or she is part of the company’s core team.

  • The temp may not be included in meetings or major company events.

Reasons Why Companies Outsource Contract and Temporary Staffing

  • The business may not immediately locate the skill sets necessary to complete an important project on time.

  • The business may spend needless time, money, and resources locating the right candidate.

  • The business may miss out on locating and hiring the best experienced and skilled professional.

  • The business may not have access to a large pool of diverse experienced and skilled applicants.

  • The business may not have access to applicants willing to work for just a day, week, or a month.

Hiring temporary staff can be an efficient method to save time and money for a business.

Optimum Staffing Solutions

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