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Temping Your Way to a Permanent Job

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

It’s no secret that taking a temporary job is a great way to develop your skills, continue earning money while between permanent positions, and gain valuable experience while you advance your career. But one thing that isn’t talked about much is how working in a temporary job can help you find a permanent job.

How a Temporary Job Can Help you Find a Permanent Job

Being a temporary employee is a great way to find out what it’s really like to work for a company on a day-to-day basis. Any company can make themselves look like a great employer on their web page, but the real story will only come out after you start working there, and by that point, if you’re not happy, you’re stuck, at least for a little while. Of course, this principle works in the other direction too – the company gets to see what kind of employee you really are, not just how well you interview. If you’re smart, this can be your greatest advantage when it comes to getting offered a permanent job.

Your Temporary Job is a Very Long Job Interview

From the time you walk in the door of a company at the start of a temporary job, you’re being watched. The company notices if you come to work on time, how you dress and conduct yourself, and of course, how you work. All of these details will be remembered and taken into consideration if you apply for a permanent job, or if the company still needs help at the end of your contract. The smartest thing you can do is to treat your temporary job like it’s a very long interview. Be on time, dress appropriately for the job, and always put your best foot forward, whether you’re meeting with a manager or having coffee in the break room. Every day that you work at your temporary job, your goal should be to make a good impression.

Work Hard and Pay Attention

Every temp job will have a learning curve, even if it’s something as simple as learning how to use the copier. Make sure that you’re paying attention and don’t be afraid to take notes and ask questions – this shows that you care that the job is done correctly.

Treat Everyone with Respect

Your co-workers at your temporary job probably aren’t going to be the people who will decide to hire you, but that doesn’t mean their opinions aren’t important - after all, you probably won’t get a job offer if the rest of the team finds you difficult to work with. So treat everyone professionally and with respect, the same way you would treat them if you were working at a permanent job. If you can work well with your team, you’ll greatly improve your chances of getting additional work or even getting a permanent job.

Be a Team Player

The key to having a successful temporary job is to be noticed in a positive way. Sadly, this can be very easy to accomplish. In addition to coming to work on time and paying attention, having a positive attitude, behaving professionally, and being willing to take on extra tasks will make you stand out in a lot of companies. The fact is, a lot of people don’t do those things.

Make your Interest Clear

If you decide that you’d like to make your temporary job permanent, make sure to let people know. Let the agency you’re working through know that you’re interested in continuing to work with their client after your position wraps up. Also, if you’re comfortable with your temporary supervisor, let them know, too. Make sure that you apply for any open positions the company has that you’re qualified for and that you’d be interested in doing.

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