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Show Admin Professionals Appreciation in a Remote Setting

How to Show Appreciation When Your Admin Professionals are Working Remotely

Showing appreciation to your team members is always important – but during this tight labor market, feeling appreciated may be the tipping point for some of your team members when they decide on making a career move. Showing appreciation in a remote setting makes your task even trickier! What can you do to show admin professionals appreciation when they work remotely? We’re here to show you.

  • Start with the easy stuff: It costs nothing to allow your admin professionals to leave early at the end of the workday – especially on a Friday. While you’re at it, add a couple of leave days to their calendar – to use whenever they want. If your staff is feeling burdened with work, extra time off may not be the perk everyone thinks it is. In this case, allow them to order lunch or dinner on the company, saving them some time and money.

  • Gifts are always nice: If you’ve already shown appreciation via salary increases and bonuses, try sending gifts. It’s always nice to receive flowers or a box of chocolates – or both! But if you want to show appreciation to an admin professional who may be lower on your salary scale, a gift card may be the better way for you to spend company funds from your admin professional’s point of view.

  • Make it substantial: And if you’re really looking to invest in your admin professional, show your appreciation by funding their professional development. Help them build skills and enhance knowledge by paying for courses and materials. They will most likely use this investment to make your company better.

  • Put it in writing: Whether you write a note of appreciation to your admin professional or create a certificate of appreciation, words have a power that a gift or gesture doesn’t possess. Offer to put a copy of the note or the certificate in their Human Resources file. No matter how many times you thank someone verbally, it doesn’t outweigh a physical token of your appreciation – not to mention the time you took to put it in writing.

  • Host a virtual happy hour: If you want to show appreciation to your admin professionals as a team, you can also host a virtual happy in addition to acts of appreciation on the individual level. Send a mocktail happy hour kit to their homes and spend the last couple of hours of a Thursday workday raising a glass to toast to their contributions to the company. You can even make this a regular thing either once or twice a month.

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