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Should you Write a Thank-You Note After an Interview?

Everyone says the job market is hot right now. Employment is up, ads for jobs are everywhere, and employers are complaining about how hard it is to find good employees.

So why is it that looking for a job seems to be as hard as ever?

Although there are a lot of companies hiring right now, job seekers still face competition in their particular fields. No matter how great your resume is, no matter how strong your interview skills are, you still have to stand out in a crowded field.

What if I told you there is a simple, effective way to get ahead of other job candidates without doing anything underhanded, difficult, or even particularly new? And all you have to do is something that takes less than fifteen minutes.

So what’s this trick? It’s nothing but writing a simple thank-you note after an interview.

The Secret to Success: A Post-Interview Thank-You Note

No doubt, at some point in your career, you were advised to write a thank-you note after you interviewed for a job. And maybe you took that advice, sometimes, back when people still did interviews in person and shook hands when they met. But writing thank-you notes seems old-fashioned now. No one writes thank-you notes after a job interview anymore, right?

Sadly, you’re correct. Almost 60% of job candidates don’t write thank-you notes after an interview. This is a missed opportunity because a thank-you note is a simple way to stand out from other candidates. When you write a thank-you note, you show that you appreciate the interviewer’s time and that you’re enthusiastic about the job. Writing a thank-you note also gives you another chance to remind the interviewer why you’re a good choice for the position. It doesn’t take a lot of time or effort to write a thank-you note, but the benefits are huge.

How to Write an Effective Thank-You Note

Writing a thank-you note is an easy, effective way to increase your chances of getting a job offer but keep these things in mind when you’re writing it.

  • Timing is important

The best time to send a thank-you note is roughly twenty-four hours after the interview. Sending a thank-you note after this time can result in you not being remembered by the people who interviewed you. And sending a thank-you note immediately after the interview may create the impression you didn’t put much thought into it.

  • Open with a thank you and include everyone you spoke to

Your thank-you note should open with thanking the interviewer for meeting with you about the specific job on the specific date that you met, whether in person or online. This will help the interviewer’s memory, which is especially important if they are interviewing multiple candidates. If you spoke with more than one interviewer, be sure to mention them as well. “I appreciated the opportunity to speak with you and Charlie Brown about the VP of Operations position.”

  • Personalize your thank-you note

If you and the interviewer have something in common, don’t be afraid to touch on it in your thank-you note. The reference doesn’t have to be elaborate. Something simple like “It’s always good to meet another jogger” can be a very effective way to increase the positive impression you’ve already made.

  • Mention again why you’d be great for the job

The thank-you note is the perfect time to remind the interviewer of why you should be considered for the position. “I believe my experience in logistics will bring a helpful perspective to your company’s expansion plans.”

  • Keep it short

The most effective thank-you notes are those that remind the interviewer about you, without rehashing your interview. Keep it short, direct, and professional.

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