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Preparing to go back to the office

The COVID pandemic has turned the world upside down, especially when it comes to work. Once it became clear that COVID was, and will remain, a serious threat, employers had to scramble to create and implement remote work policies. When the vaccines became widely available, many employers planned to bring people back to the office. Those plans had to be put off when the Delta variant became widespread. But just because a return to the office has been delayed, doesn’t mean that it won’t happen. Most employers report plans to bring employees back to work at least part of the time in the near future. And while many employers plan to allow employees to work remotely at least part of the time – a policy known as hybrid work, that still means you’ll be expected to report to work eventually. Even if you aren’t expected in tomorrow, you should start getting ready today.

Going Back to the Office

Many people have been working remotely for a considerable length of time, so returning to the office won’t be business as usual. You should prepare ahead of time before you’re expected to return to make the transition as smooth as possible.

Getting Ready for Work

Take a moment to consider your work clothes. Do they still fit? Do you need to get your work clothes pressed and freshly laundered? It’s also a good time to double-check the things that you normally take to work, like your favorite travel mug, your lunch bag, and your portfolio. And while you’re doing that, be sure to take extra hand sanitizer, wipes for your desk, and masks. Getting ready to go to the office now will save you time and stress later.


With so many people working from home, many daycare facilities went out of business. This will create a significant problem for a lot of working families. If you have children who have used daycare, you may need to make a new plan now. Review your options to find the best one for your family.

Staying Healthy at the Office

Many employers have made plans to stop the spread of COVID at their offices. Whatever your employer is planning to do, you should also take responsibility to protect yourself while at work.

Wear a Mask

Anytime you’re going to be in an enclosed space with several people, you should wear a mask. Even if you’ve been vaccinated, you can still be infected by the Delta variant. If you’ve been vaccinated, you’ll likely have a less severe case of the illness, but you can still pass it along to others. So be careful and wear a mask.

Keep it clean

If nothing else, COVID has proven to be a graphic reminder of the importance of basic hygiene, such as washing your hands and disinfecting your work environment. Bring hand sanitizer and wipes to keep your workspace clean.

Don’t go to work sick

We’ve all worked with someone who never calls out sick, no matter how ill they might be. There was a time when that loyalty and commitment were appreciated, but that was before this pandemic. If you’re not feeling well, don’t be afraid to call in, especially if you know you’ve been exposed to someone with COVID.

Remember to social distance

Remember to keep six feet away from people, even at the office. Avoid close contact such as shaking hands or hugging your co-workers. It’s a good idea to wait for the next elevator rather than pack yourself in and don’t stand too close to people at the coffee machine or the copier. Also, remember to space yourself out when you’re in the conference room, or better yet, suggest using Zoom for team meetings.

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