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Looking for An Accounting Position? Stand Out in the Job Market

First, decide what you want. Are you looking to test the waters? Or do you want something that will be long term? If you’re just starting out in accounting, you may want to look into a clerk or specialist position in accounts payable or accounts receivable. If you already have accounting experience and want more with a public accounting firm or a finance firm, you’ll need to take your efforts up a notch. It will be a little more work, but the payoff will be worth it. Here are a few steps to take whether you’re just starting out or you’re looking to find something more robust.

Testing the Waters

If you’re not sure where you want to go with your accounting career, start with a clerk/specialist position, accounts payable, or accounts receivable. An accounting clerk position will include both AP and AR. These positions will introduce you to the world of paying vendors on time, cutting checks for vendors as you receive invoices or cutting checks on a regular basis, or coding incoming payments to the proper departments or the correct accounting code.

Build Up Skills

Even if you don’t have the skills listed on job postings, you can learn those skills. For example, if you visit the Quickbooks website, you can try out the program for free on a 30-day trial. Learn the program, and now you can list Quickbooks as a skill. It is a ubiquitous program used by both small and large businesses. Do the same with Excel. If you’re not already at an expert level in Excel, sign up for online classes until you reach that level and claim it on your resume.

If you’ve had any kind of job that involves customer service, you can apply those customer service skills toward the job for which you’re applying. Be sure to highlight your experience with customer service even if it doesn’t involve an accounting position. The hiring manager needs to trust in your ability to serve in a client-facing situation – even if it’s not a regular part of the position.

Public Accounting & Finance

If you’ve already tested the waters or if you know you want to get into public accounting, including auditing and tax preparation, or finance, you can stand out in the job market by visiting career fairs. If you’re still in school, attend recruiting events – even if they’re not at your school. Find a school that holds events. Or attend events on Instagram live or via a zoom event.

Sign up with a national accounting association. They have partnerships with public accounting firms and finance firms. Not only can you list these associations on your resume, but the associations themselves will help you get noticed – and perhaps even find you a job.

LinkedIn & Recruiters

In addition to your networking efforts with career fairs and accounting associations, leverage the power of LinkedIn and recruiters. Actively participate on LinkedIn. Not only should your profile be up to date, but you should also connect with other accounting professionals and follow accounting associations and firms. Click the option that you’re open to work.

Once you post your LinkedIn profile, recruiters will reach out to you simply because you’ve listed “accounting”. Visit job placement agency sites and apply directly to their open positions. Even if you don’t get that particular job, you’ll begin a relationship with the agency that will lead to an accounting position.

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