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Improve Employee Retention by Improving Work-Life Balance

With the demand for recruiters surging, employers are more motivated than ever to hold on to their employees. This unprecedented high for finding recruiters is another bellwether of what’s happening for employers: They can’t recruit fast enough. What’s easier than recruiting employees? Retaining employees. But where to start when higher pay is no longer cutting it for employees?

After reevaluating when – or if they wanted to return to the office, as well as how they wanted to return to the office, employees are rethinking everything, Meanwhile, employers are struggling to attract and retain employees. And because people can now lean on “side hustles” to supplement – and sometimes even supplant – their income, employers are finding it harder and harder to convince employees to stay.

Work-Life Balance to the Rescue

Employers look to work-life balance to be a part of their employee retention formula in the era when quit rates are at record highs. And despite companies increasing salaries, candidates dropped compensation on the list of priorities when it came to their job satisfaction. Some employees now consider work-life balance almost as important as compensation. In this era of the Great Resignation, the Big Quit, the Great Reshuffle, employees are reevaluating everything.

Not only will better work-life balance improve employee retention, but it will also improve productivity. Employers currently lose days of productivity to employee depression. Even if an organization’s employees had no plans to quit, they, too, will benefit both themselves and the organization with a better work-life balance. Here are a few ways to help employees feel better about their quality of life while still working:

Encourage Employees to Protect Time: Starting from the top, create a culture of employees protecting their time. That means supervisors don’t answer emails or calls after work hours, setting the precedent for the rest of the organization.

Encourage Employees to Truly Go on Vacation: Create a template for out of office replies that reads “I am offline. Call me only if it is truly urgent.” Make it the standard for an out of office reply used by everyone, distributed by the human resources.

Encourage Employees to Treat Weekends Like Vacations: Create a model that reinvents the weekend. It’s no longer a time to “catch up” on work. It’s truly time off, and it’s meant to be treated as such. Suggest employees “schedule” activities for their weekend as though they were on vacation – sans phone and agenda.

Make It a Team Effort: Encourage employees to set goals – as a team – for personal time. And encourage the team to hold team members accountable for achieving these personal time goals, keeping record and checking in. From not checking work email between certain hours to sitting down to dinner a certain number of nights per week, personal time goals can vary according to team members, but they must agree to encourage one another and to revisit their progress on a regular basis.

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