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How to Turn a Job Rejection into Career Success

Have you ever applied for a job but it didn’t work out? Few people could answer “no” to this question. In fact, our unsuccessful job applications shape our careers just as much as our successes do. Anyone who has ever experienced a job rejection would have a different work history leading up to their present role had the outcome of their initial application been different.

Most job seekers will apply to several open positions before landing an offer this shouldn’t discourage them. Though job rejections are never easy, they are a necessary part of the job search process and can become opportunities for learning, growth, and long-term career success.

The job market is more volatile than it has been in years, and spiking unemployment fueled by a global pandemic has turned the candidate’s market of the past few years into an employer’s market. As businesses slowly begin to reopen, some industries are seeing candidates apply to jobs in record numbers, and since most of these positions will be filled by only one candidate, all other applicants will be rejected. Let’s look at a few ways candidates can use a job rejection to their advantage.

Ask for Feedback

The best way to improve at anything is to request constructive criticism and advice for improvement from those who are more knowledgeable, and for job seekers, feedback from employers after a rejection can be invaluable.

Although it may be difficult for you to do but by contacting a hiring manager shortly after receiving a rejection, candidates can receive valuable information on how to improve their interviewing and self-promotion skills, as well as where their experience and qualifications may fall short for their desired role.

Some employers may be reluctant to share feedback, however, a follow-up feedback request provides candidates one last opportunity to make a positive impression.

Develop a Plan

Once job seekers are able to identify the qualifications and experience that have made others successful in their desired role, they can formulate a plan. What steps should be taken in order to accomplish your career goals, and what is the timeline?

There is always something job seekers can do to better themselves in order to improve their knowledge and skills and gain an advantage over their competitors. It’s up to them to find out what that is, then act on it.

A job search can be a long and difficult process, and the outcome often depends upon trial, error, and persistence. Frustration is only natural, particularly in a tough job market, and job seekers often receive advice from well-meaning friends and associates to stay positive and not give up. But persistence only pays off if goals are in alignment with abilities and there’s an actionable plan to achieve them. Employers look to hire employees who seek feedback and take guidance in order to improve.

Similarly, job seekers should consider rejection as learning opportunities, allowing them to refocus their goals and fine-tune their search. By turning the negative into a positive, candidates can increase their chances of landing an offer, as well as their opportunity for future job satisfaction and success.

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