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How to Keep Your Workforce Agile

Keeping an agile workforce is key for your business to succeed in the future of work. Helping your employees keep up with the rapid change of pace in technology is just the start. Retraining and moving groups within your business is a challenge. Quickly shifting in response to change is your best bet in keeping your workforce agile. Agility will be an advantage for your company. Place your employees and your business in the ideal position to respond quickly, efficiently, and easily to the constant change that is today’s workplace.

Here are steps your business can take to maintain an agile workforce:

  • Guide your employees with their goals: Whether they’re moving up in your company or making a lateral move, your employees will need to make moves that not only suit their own goals but also suit your company’s goals. Be open to the potential that they may need additional training and other education outside of your organization. Your company’s agility hinges on helping everyone achieve their goals – even if that means an employee moves to a different industry or decides to retire.

  • Embrace employee engagement: Listen to your employees. Discuss career management with them. Help them decide on making the necessary moves to achieve their career and personal goals while simultaneously sharing the company’s goals. These conversations not only engage your workforce, but they also position both your company and your employees to respond quickly to new opportunities. Prepare for agility. Discuss the term “agility” and what it looks like in day-to-day business with your employees to ensure there are no surprises – to ensure everyone is on the same page.

  • Make agility a long-term goal: Your company invests significant amounts of time and money into recruiting, onboarding, and training employees. Protect that investment by making agility a key part of your business’s development plan. Don’t let a rigid system derail your long-term goals. Find your leaders and help them build their careers within your company. Create a pipeline within your company to ensure your future leaders stay invested and help your business respond accordingly to change. This will help you fill a role higher up the chain of command quickly and easily. Build your advantages in the business world with both an agile system and agile employees. And then maintain this advantage by keeping agility at the top of the list in your long-term development plan.

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