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How Much Time and Cost Can You Save By Hiring a Freelancer?

Small and medium-sized businesses often turn to freelancers, saving them not only the hefty full-time salary but also the associated costs of payroll taxes, health benefits, vacation time, and workers comp. Even corporations are catching up to small businesses by realizing that hiring freelancers is less expensive in the long run: companies only pay for the freelance service, not for the benefits that accompany salaried and hourly employees.

Plus, new business owners without a lot of experience with hiring can test out their human resource skills by trying out the low-risk commitment to a freelancer for a project. Rather than making a costly hiring mistake – both in terms of time and money, a new business owner can instead test the waters of hiring via taking on a freelancer. The smaller, the better for first-time business owners.

Low-Risk Hiring By Way of Freelancers

And just as new business owners without any hiring experience can test out their human resource skills, established small and medium-sized businesses can also make a low-risk commitment to a freelancer for a project versus engaging in a search for a full-time staff member. The smaller, the better for first-time business owners and established businesses alike. And once projects get rolling, small and medium-sized businesses discover they can fulfill some or all of their support needs via a team of freelancers. It’s a whole new world!

Because businesses can hire a “team” of freelancers they can also replace portions of the team. If they’re not happy with specific results, they can weed out the source versus getting rid of the whole team and then starting from scratch, which is costly – again, both in terms of time and money. Plus, because freelancers often work from home, businesses can save on real estate price per square foot required to house employees. Some businesses give up a traditional office altogether and instead operate a virtual office – just like their startup counterparts.

Saving & Streamlining via Freelance Outsourcing

How would you go about saving your staff stress via a freelancer? Keeping in mind that you’re also trying to save money, your business can also save your staff stress, thereby preventing costly turnover. Saving the extra costs of benefits and paid time off, what if you could hire someone when you (or your staff) need them? AND you hire them often enough that they know your business as well (or almost as well) as your full-time staff? You can save everyone stress while also saving time and money.

40% of businesses hire freelancers because outsourced talent can be scaled to match your business needs. If you’re a small or medium-sized business owner, you may be a little overwhelmed with the idea of finding freelance help. Start by jotting down a quick job description for what you need. Contact a staffing agency for suggestions and ideas.

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