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How Employee Wellness Benefits Companies

Before everything else, employees are people. They have hopes, dreams, and ambitions as well as family and friends. Too often, though, employers ignore the people that work for them, treating them as only a job description or title. This attitude is common in business today, but it’s hard on employee engagement.

Treating your employees as complete people with a life outside of work is a big step towards employee engagement. One of the most powerful ways your company can do that is to commit to your employee’s wellness.

Health vs. Wellness

There is more to an employee than what they do for your company, and there is a lot more to health than simply treating illness. True health means that your body and your life are in balance. A healthy person is better able to fight off illnesses and manage any ongoing medical conditions.

Wellness, on the other hand, refers to your total state of being, both physically and spiritually. Wellness is an ongoing journey towards overall life improvement, everything from good dietary choices to exercise and stress relief. Good health is the ultimate goal, and wellness is the road that can lead us there.

Employee Wellness

Most companies offer some kind of health benefit, and those benefits are indispensable when it comes to caring for chronic or sudden health concerns. But when it comes to the day-to-day care that goes into ensuring an employee’s health, we need programs that teach and support healthy choices.

Employee wellness plans can be used by companies to help their employees handle a wide range of issues, including things like giving up smoking, supporting exercise plans, and eating better. There are employee wellness plans that teach meditation and plans that offer financial education. The goal of these plans is to make long-term life improvements for the whole person, not just the part of the person who works for your company. For this reason, wellness plans are very popular with employees, with nearly 60% agreeing that companies should make wellness plans a regular benefit of employment.

Employee Wellness Plans are Great for Employers, Too

The appeal and benefits of wellness plans for employees are obvious. However, there are also a lot of benefits for employers.

Increased employee engagement

Wellness plans increase employee engagement by showing the company’s commitment to employees. When a company cares, it’s easier for employees to care about their jobs and their company’s performance.

Lower rates of absenteeism

Healthier employees are less likely to be absent due to illness. This impact is especially important for small companies that may not have the bandwidth to easily absorb absences. It’s also good for employee morale.

Stronger Talent Acquisition Efforts

Employer wellness plans are a tangible commitment that companies make to their employees. This commitment feeds your talent pool. Many times, a strong employee wellness plan can make as much of an impact as employee salaries.

Increased productivity

Happy and healthy employees are more productive at work. What’s less obvious is just how much more productive they can be. In fact, corporate wellness plans can help employers get as much as an extra day of productivity per month.

Wellness plans pay for themselves

There’s a cost associated with wellness plans. However, thanks to higher productivity, stronger employee retention rates, and lower healthcare costs, wellness plans pay for themselves.

Employee Wellness Plans are an All-Around Win

Developing and implementing an employee wellness plan is a very effective way to demonstrate your company’s commitment to your employees. By committing to employee wellness and developing a culture of health you will not only benefit your employees but your business as well. It’s rare to find a win-win in business, but employee wellness plans truly benefit everyone.

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