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Hiring IT Pros? Interview Questions to Ask

You’re trying to determine if your candidates can carry out IT-related tasks and projects on time and within the budgeted amount. At the same time, you’re trying to determine if your candidates possess soft skills that enable them to work with others not only within their team but also throughout your organization. Ideally, your choice among candidates will possess problem-solving and analytical skills with the ability to communicate effectively, especially with non-technical colleagues.

  1. Ask your candidate to share about themselves, specifically why they think they’re a good match for the IT position: This open-ended question allows for the candidate to indicate how well they work on their own in addition to working within a team. This is also their chance to talk about their attitude toward solving both simple and complex IT issues.

  2. Why do you want this IT role? Look for answers that indicate they want to build a career with your organization, versus using this role as a stepping stone.

  3. What has attracted you to our organization? This will tell you how interested they are in your organization as a whole and how much they know about your company.

  4. Please describe a technology project you’ve worked on outside of work: If you can find someone who is genuinely passionate and curious about technology, they’ll apply the same drive to their role with your organization.

  5. How do you keep current with technology skills? Similar to working on projects in their spare time, investing in their skills by reading blogs and joining forums are indicators of your candidates’ enthusiasm for their industry.

  6. What online resources do you use to help you with work? The answer to this question will give you insight into how connected your candidate is to the larger IT world.

  7. Will you tell me about a time in your professional life when a project didn’t work out the way you had envisioned or when you didn’t receive a promotion? You’ll want to discern how your candidate handles career setbacks. Resilience is what you’re seeking.

  8. What qualities are necessary for a team or project leader to be successful? You’ll need leaders among your IT team. If you can find a potential leader among your candidates, you’ll have built-in success when it comes time for them to organize, motivate, delegate, and communicate.

  9. How do you navigate tight deadlines? Look for someone who can be both efficient and accurate while working under pressure.

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