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Hiring an Admin Assistant? Best Interview Questions for the Job

Finding the qualities you need in a candidate can be challenging when hiring for an administrative assistant position. Interviewing candidates is a crucial phase in selecting the best person for the role. By covering a range of questions regarding both soft and technical skills, you can sort out the best combination of skills to fulfill the job requirements.

We’ve compiled a list of questions that can do just that during your interview. We’ve also provided background to put the questions in context for you when choosing among several candidates.

Workplace Culture

Ask questions that help the candidate determine whether or not they would want to work in your company’s culture. Also, use the interview to describe your workplace culture to the candidate.

  1. Why do you want to work for our company?

  2. What drew you to this position?

  3. What kind of office culture helps you excel in your work?

  4. Why are you leaving your current position? And what could your current office do to convince you to stay?

Personality Characteristics

Because Administrative Assistants play a supporting role for all of the members of a team and potentially for several teams, they are required to work with a variety of personalities. By asking questions regarding their interpersonal style, you can determine if they’re a good fit for the personalities of the staff they’ll support.

  1. What do you need from a supervisor to help you reach your ideal performance?

  2. Can you describe a workplace conflict you’ve experienced as an administrative assistant and how you were able to resolve it?

  3. Can you describe adjustments you’ve made in your current position in response to constructive feedback?

  4. How do you manage multiple priorities for competing supervisors?

Skills and Experience

Despite the nuance of soft skills that can make or break a candidate’s application, there is still technical skill involved in the role of an administrative assistant. Depending on your industry, you may need even more skills than proficiency in Microsoft Word and Excel.

  1. What are your skills that will help you do well in this role, as well as do well with our company?

  2. Why do you think you would be a good fit for this position? And as an administrative assistant in general?

  3. How would you describe your level of skill with this software program?

  4. How have you used this software program in your current and previous positions? What is the most recent version of the software that you’ve used?

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