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Guaranteeing Your Next Job is More Fulfilling

Finding a new job can be quite a challenge. To put matters worse, securing a new position that enables boundless joy can seem virtually impossible. However, it is possible through a bit of self-exploration and awareness, attaining a role that fuels joy is achievable.

Does The Job Match Your Career Goals?

Are you able to jot down your top 5-10 career goals off the top of your head? Your desired career goals are incredibly critical and important when it comes to making decisions that affect your potential career path.

Maybe you haven’t had a lot of clarity on this topic. It could be that you have never slowed down to consider what was most important. Or perhaps you’ve long forgotten the aspirations and desires you displayed long ago and never really bothered to consider it when making a career-changing decision. Whatever the reason, the truth is, when you don’t make decisions based on your values and desires you live a rudderless life and no job will ever come close to being meaningful.

Know Your Strengths

We spend 33% of our lives working, and, only 51% of us utilize our strengths. That is a statistic that needs to change! Utilizing our strengths daily has been linked to an elevated sense of motivation and an increased probability of achieving goals and a stronger sense of life direction.

How do you identify your most joyous strengths? You must ask yourself three questions:

Which strengths invigorate you?

  • “Pay attention to those times when you feel like you are in your groove. The task feels effortless, is fun, and flies by. Examine the strengths utilized to complete those tasks as they may be some of your most joyous strengths.”

What contexts do you enjoy most?

  • “It turns out the context matters a lot. The same strengths used in two different contexts may not rise to the same level of joy. Interacting with people as a supervisor is very different from interacting with people in a customer service role. Pay attention to which environment is joy-inducing.”

Does your work provide meaning for you?

  • “A meaningful job provides a deep sense of purpose and fulfillment and enables you to feel like you make an impact in the world. Pursue those strengths that speak to your soul.”

Find Joy Beyond Work

If you were to put all you have into your job, then no matter how perfect the job is, there’s a high likelihood that you will burn out and may become unfulfilled. Instead, find a hobby, get physical and prioritize joy-inducing relationships.

Finding a job that leads to happiness is often as achievement will require you to think outside the box. If you take the time to understand your career goals, core values, desires, and how to make decisions around them, you will select a career that enables the best part of your job to be the biggest part of your job and life outside work will be prioritized. I am confident that the job you select will not only fulfill you but will bring you joy and success.

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