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Five Biggest Hiring Mistakes

Every manager takes the hiring process seriously. Recruitment, interviewing, hiring, and on-boarding one employee is a time-consuming process, and no one wants to get it wrong.

And because most managers do not get a lot of practice, hiring is a difficult skill to learn. Here are the five biggest hiring mistakes new managers – and some seasoned managers – make:

1. Lack of Systematic Measures

Without systematic measures defining what the company is looking for, managers tend to fall back on a subconscious desire to hire someone like them. Relying on one’s “gut” can backfire with confirmation bias, in which managers look for evidence to support their gut feeling – instead of the other way around. Structuring interviews in which each candidate is asked the same questions and keeping a scorecard of tangible markers of success is one way to avoid subjective biases.

2. Emphasis on Industry Experience

Research shows industry experience may be helpful but is not predictive of success. Instead, managers can gather the characteristics their top performers share and look for those characteristics in applicants.

3. Not Informing Applicants of Final Decision

Not informing all applicants of the final hiring decision is not only impolite but failing to do so may burn bridges with applicants you may want to revisit for other future positions. Hiring managers should email the applicants who were not chosen for the position, inform them that they chose another candidate, and thank them for applying.

4. Hiring Unskilled Professionals

By hiring skilled and trained professionals, a hiring manager can increase productivity in their business. Finding qualified professionals is a priority when making the match between the new hire and the business.

5. Not Conducting Proper Employment Assessments

Hiring managers should not only ask applicants to take skills assessment tests, but managers should also verify an applicant’s employment history. Skipping the detailed work in the hiring process can lead to potentially disastrous results.

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