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Embracing Boomerang Hiring

If you’ve lost a great employee to a competitor and resigned yourself to the fact that your loss is their gain, think again! What was once unthought of is now a common practice: former employers and employees reuniting professionally.

It’s called boomerang hiring. What is boomerang hiring? Employers rehiring former employees who left on good terms. And why should your company consider boomerang hiring? Well, to start, there’s a good chance a large percentage of your current employees are looking for a new position elsewhere. The quit rate is the highest it’s ever been. Why not add rehires to your toolbox when strategizing on filling vacant roles?

Where to Start with Boomerang Hiring

No matter their reason for leaving whether it be for a new position, personal reasons, or retirement, let them know they are welcome to explore the idea of returning if their new plan doesn’t pan out. And by offering to be a reference for future opportunities, you’re sending them off with a dose of good faith. Not to mention, they may refer others to your organization in response to your kind professionalism.

Keep In Touch

After your employee becomes a former employee, stay in touch with them via professional networking sites. Mark your calendar to reach out to them by email throughout the year. Update them on what’s happening with your organization and ask how their company is doing.

When Your Boomerang Returns

If a former employee does reach out to ask if they can return to your organization, you may still want to initiate a formal interview and onboarding process. Getting your former employee up to speed on new policies and procedures, as well as on new people and objectives, will be necessary even if they’ve only been gone for a year.

Taking Care of Current Employees

If your organization embraces boomerang hiring and successfully recruits a former employee to return to your company, the first thing you’ll want to do is to inform the team of the pending decision to rehire the former team member. While you need to do what’s best for the company as a whole under today’s employment circumstances, loyal employees may not be happy with the decision.

By asking the team for their input on the decision, you may be able to mitigate feelings of resentment. Explaining how the potential rehire can benefit both the company, as well as the team specifically, will bring transparency to the conversation with the team. And if you’re planning to rehire a team member at a higher salary, also take the time to assure everyone that they are being compensated appropriately.

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