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Answering “Why Do You Want This Job?”

Often an awkward question, “Why do you want this job?” can put a candidate on the spot. Before coming up with potential answers to this question, first ask yourself why is the interviewer asking such a question. Knowing the motivation behind the question can help you provide an answer that will make you stand out among candidates.

Hiring managers know that most candidates just want a paycheck. They also know that most candidates are likely unhappy in their current work. The interviewer wants to assess your intentions. And if you have a list of reasons to give the hiring manager, they know you’re someone who plans ahead and makes decisions based on sound judgment. Therefore, you’re far more likely to be a productive employee. Plan ahead for your answer to this question, and you can take the awkward nature of the question out of the equation.

Three Elements to Include in Your Answer to “Why Do You Want This Job?’

What three things must you include in your answer? Be sure to include these three points when composing your answer:

  1. Talk about the job description and describe how your skill set matches the requirements to fill the role.

  2. Speak to your passion for your work in your chosen industry. If you’re applying for an accounting role, as an example, talk about how you enjoy bringing clarity and meaning to the numbers behind the business.

  3. Inform the interviewer that you’ve researched their company. You understand their workplace culture and standards. You feel it’s a place where you can work alongside like-minded professionals where you and they can thrive.

Here are a couple of sample answers to the question “Why do you want this job?”:

  • For seasoned professionals: There are several reasons I want this job. First, I enjoy doing this type of work. Because we spend so much time at work, it’s important for me to enjoy what I’m doing. And second, I’ve researched your company values and culture and believe that they align with my own. I appreciate that you support your employees and that your company is ambitious while caring about what you do. Plus, I am seeking long-term employment with a company where I can continually grow along with a driven organization.

  • For new job seekers: I want this job because it is important for me to work with a company where I can learn from experienced and skillful colleagues, allowing me to grow, and where I can build a solid foundation for a future with the company. I was drawn to your company’s strong record of achievement, as well as to the evidence that you are continually adapting and innovating. Because you encourage your employees to grow professionally, your company as a whole is constantly improving.

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