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Advantages of Temporary Employment

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

While temporary employment has always offered advantages such as networking opportunities and new industry exploration, the post-COVID-19 world created additional advantages for workers who exited the workforce during quarantining and homeschooling or whose industry entered a state of flux.

Whether you’re a recent college grad or you’re seeking a career change, temporary employment offers unique advantages to your next career move. With the general advantages of speed and flexibility, temporary employment can suit your employment needs without the usual time-intensive commitments to seeking permanent employment.

Here are some of the top advantages of temporary employment:

Networking opportunities:

Temporary employment is a wonderful way to network. Not only will you work with a large number of people via temporary assignments, but you’ll also work with a variety of people. You never know who will be in a position to hire you or refer you for a position. Not to mention, the hiring manager in your office will witness your work ethic up close and may decide they can’t risk losing you to another opportunity!

Transitioning to a new industry:

If you’re considering making the move to a new industry, temporary employment may be the easiest and most efficient approach to a transition. This is an ideal approach, especially if you want to experiment with a few different industries. With a low barrier to entry and a quick placement, you can hit the ground running without the time-consuming and mentally draining process of arranging informational interviews and applying for positions.

Build experience:

If you’re a recent college grad, temporary employment is a great way to build up that resume. Staffing agencies will work with you in finding a placement where you can build a career or where name recognition will add clout to your resume. If you’re still in college, temporary employment is also great for the summers. Your summer assignment just may have a permanent position awaiting you upon your graduation.

Learn new skills:

Along with building experience, temporary employment can help you build new skills. While there are a variety of online courses teaching various skills, there’s nothing like learning on the job and gaining new skills on the fly. Plus, your temporary employer is paying you to learn. When your colleagues notice your willingness to learn, they will keep offering you more opportunities to do so.

Post-COVID-19 adjustment:

If you’ve been in quarantine with family members during the pandemic or if your industry suffered as a result of the pandemic, temporary employment is the perfect post-pandemic employment option. When other industries can’t find enough employees, a staffing agency can bridge the gap between your situation and that of many employers. It’s a win-win in the wake of disruption.

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