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Accounting Graduates Enjoy Strong Employment Outlook Despite Pandemic

With an increasing demand for accounting positions, recent accounting graduates are enjoying a wealth of job openings with healthy starting salaries. Now is a good time to be an accounting graduate despite the disruption to both college classes and students’ lives in general. Thanks in part to retirees, as well as changes to tax and regulatory systems, there is a growing need for accounting professionals.

Accounting Jobs Openings

The highest demand in finance and accounting is for bookkeepers, payroll specialists, staff accountants, and accounts payable/receivable clerks among many other roles. With entry-level accounting jobs in the private sector, as well as with public accounting, new graduates can find positions in technology, financial services, insurance, healthcare, and government.

Starting Salaries for Accounting

Salaries vary by geographic location, as well as by the industry, the size of the company, and the job title. With categories including financial services, healthcare, corporate accounting, and public accounting, salaries can range from the thirties for a clerk to well into the six-figure salary for treasurers and controllers.

Not only do accounting graduates have their pick of industry, but they have numerous options within each industry. Salary is only one aspect of their calculus in choosing a career path.

How to Stand Out Among Accounting Candidates

While enjoying the demand for their education and skillset, accounting graduates can still take steps to put themselves in an ideal position to find the job they want at a competitive salary. Starting with courses for those who are still in school, accounting students can design their course load to position themselves for their desired career path. And while they’re managing their education, they can also begin to manage their career by applying for accounting internships or actual work whether it be contract or short-term assignments.

And during your courses, your internship, and your everyday life, remember to network. Beyond the people you meet in person, you can also join online networking communities, as well as virtual conferences. And as soon as you’re eligible, join professional associations.

Beyond your collegiate career, continue learning by earning certifications, including the certified public accountant (CPA) license. Not only do certifications display your commitment to your career for potential employers, but the certifications also increase your salary.

To expedite your job search, employ the assistance of a recruiter. An employment agency may have access to positions not posted publicly, and agencies often serve as conduits between firms and top talent. An agency can help you decide on the type of role, the type of culture, and the industry you want for your career.

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