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6 Ways to Separate Yourself from Other Job Candidates

Updated: Oct 18, 2022

Standing out and getting noticed by hiring managers is the only way to get hired. But when everyone follows the same job search formula, how can you grab their attention? From the moment you see the job posting until the time you follow-up on your interview, we’ve compiled a list of six ways to separate yourself from the other candidates. No matter your industry, you can apply these six methods to get the attention of your hiring manager.

Keyword Your Resume:

Make the Applicant Tracking System (ATS) happy by using keywords in your resume. The clues are in the job posting. Customize your resume by using the same keywords from the job posting. Once your resume makes it past the ATS, then the hiring manager will notice you.

Think About Who You Know:

If someone in your network has a connection at the company where you want to work, they may be willing to advocate for you. Take it one step further by telling members of your network the type of position you’re seeking, and you may hear about positions before they’re posted.


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Research Everything:

Yes, you’ll want to research the company where you’re applying, but take your search further. Read about the market and the players involved. Use your research to ask informed questions during your interview. Not only will you feel thoroughly prepared when meeting with the hiring manager, but you’ll also possess a solid foundation to form a connection, which is your ultimate goal during an interview.

Make an Impression:

Take advantage of your time with the hiring manager by leaving something they’ll remember you by whether it be pastries for the office or a portfolio of your work. If you’re interviewing virtually, ask questions that indicate you’re there to solve problems for the hiring manager. Not only can your questions reveal your knowledge, but they can also show that you’re ready to help.

Give Examples:

On both your resume and in your interview, give clear examples of how you are collaborative or results-oriented. Let your hiring manager know exactly what they can expect from you in similar situations in this role. Give them a picture of you working with your colleagues to deliver results.

Beyond the Thank You Note:

Of course, you’ll send a follow-up “thank you” note after your interview. Here’s your chance to solidify a successful interview: include with the note samples of your work. If you really want to stand out, provide something you might do in this role whether it’s a sales pitch or deck or some industry analysis. Take this opportunity to show that you can do the job.


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