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6 Tips for Hiring Great Remote Workers

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Human Resources is learning and adapting on the fly now that remote workers are increasingly growing in numbers, potentially becoming the base of the workforce. The pandemic-powered upturn has made working remotely the new normal in many organizations and continues to place new pressures on old HR processes.

Without in-person interaction, hiring managers may find it more difficult to determine whether or not a candidate will be a good fit for a position. Learning how to hire remote workers is now a priority. To help assess your next remote candidate, as well as to find success once you hire your remote worker, use the following tips designed to help you hire and keep the right fit.

Define the Goal

It’s challenging to achieve your goal before sitting down and defining that goal. This holds true if you are an employer. With a detailed scope of what you’ll need in your remote workers, you’ll make it easier once you get started with the hiring process. While hiring is not the cure to employment challenges, it will save a lot of trouble to find the ideal method to hiring remote employees for your business.

Experience vs Soft Skills

While most hiring managers first notice an applicant’s experience as they comb through a series of resumes, it may be equally as useful to consider an applicant’s soft skills. Just as jumping from job to job may indicate an issue with dedication or work ethic, long-term work experience may indicate consistency and devotion to an employer. Reading between the lines to discover these soft skills can be crucial in finding a match for your company culture.

Interview Virtually

In addition to emails and phone calls, leverage technology by setting up a virtual face-to-face interview with potential candidates. By using video conference or digital interviewing, you can experience an in-person interaction. Not to mention, you’ll save time and money on virtual interviews instead of in-house interviews.

Test for Skills

Along with virtual interviews, you can also leverage technology by administering personality and skills tests to your job candidates. Skill assessments can help you narrow the search to your most qualified candidates when you use them at the start of the search process. Or you can use them later in the hiring process to assist you in choosing the best fit for the position.

Communicate Expectations and Guidelines

After you’ve successfully found your candidate and hired them for remote work, clearly communicate your expectations and guidelines. When giving them their first assignment, communicate your expectations both verbally and in writing. It’s easy to make assumptions when you’re accustomed to working with people in person. In addition to clear communication regarding an assignment, also clearly communicate working hours, standard processes, response times, and company culture among many other details that normally a worker picks up while in the office.

Building a Working Relationship

Transitioning to supervising remote workers can be a tricky adjustment. It’s hard to compensate for working with employees in person. Despite the challenges, remember that you are building a relationship with your new remote employees. Aligning their ambitions with your company’s goals will benefit everyone. Discover what motivates your new hires as soon as possible, and use your communication strategy to build a solid foundation. Getting to know your employees will be essential to your success.

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