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5 Trends That Will Shape The Future Of Human Resources

2020 was filled with change, as businesses around the world scrambled and struggled to react to the global COVID-19 pandemic, affecting businesses large and small across every industry around the globe. The lesson of 2020 will forever be etched into our minds, the companies that don’t transform will get left behind by those that do. Yes, technology is at the forefront of change but, more importantly, it extends beyond technology to tackle people-centric issues.

Understanding shifts within any industry is crucial to keeping pace with the rapid developments taking place, especially in light of the pandemic. Not to worry though as we have scoured the internet to learn the top HR trends for 2021 so you can make informed decisions for your organization.

A Shift in Workforce Demographics Calls for a New Future

“The future of the workforce will see the length of careers increasing to as much as 50 years. At the same time, the half-life of skills has diminished to between 2 and 5.5 years,” says Deloitte’s Arthur Mazor, Principal, Human Capital and Michael Stephan, U.S. Human Capital National Managing Partner.

Whilst also adding, “There was the rapid rise of the open talent economy with more than 40 percent of the workforce estimated to be contingent by 2020.”

Human Resources needs to become incredibly flexible to adapt to this dynamic landscape. Through the use of enabling tools such as Hubstaff (a 360-degree remote team management software) to govern the remote workforce - without hampering engagement or productivity will be critical to the future of HR. And personalized learning delivered through mobile devices can help employees keep up with changing skill requirements.

HR will have to develop technology to manage this new and diverse workforce, learning additionally how to choose the best technology to handle such a workforce.

Companies Double Down on Digital

Taking into consideration the shift to a workplace that’s increasingly virtual and more disconnected from an office, another trend that most companies will focus on is “digital-first work”.

Companies turning to digitalization has far-reaching implications, as companies seek to determine how this new era will shape their culture and values. According to KPMG, 77% of CEOs surveyed will “build on their use of collaboration and communication tools” and 67% are more likely to invest in technology, compared to 33% investment worker skills.

Similarly, the 2021 Deloitte Global Human Capital Trends report found that “introducing digital collaboration platforms” is the most important factor in sustaining this new way to work.

We took a look at HR thought leader and analyst Josh Bersin’s report titled, ‘The Big Reset Playbook’, where he highlighted balancing a hybrid work environment as one of the priorities of the return to work.

A hybrid work environment might have challenges such as learning to facilitate connections and collaborations in this hybrid world in which many employees continue to work remotely but periodically meet with others for in-person collaboration and innovation.

HR Will Also Need to Double Down on Compliance

“Regulations have changed more in the past 10 years than in the previous 50. It’s critical to understand that regulations are changing at all levels of government-federal, state and local,” says Tina Hamilton, Founder, and CEO of myHR Partner.

Fair labor standards, critical to the future of HR data privacy and governments’ efforts to regularize the gig economy (independent contractors, the online platform workers, and temporary workers).

To stay on top and keep pace with a highly complex regulatory environment, HR will need cutting-edge compliance software, as well as specialized tools for employee data privacy and security. Compliance will be a key theme in every HR function, from recruitment to diversity and workforce planning.

Tech Giants Will Join The Marketplace

“Microsoft (LinkedIn and Glint), Google, IBM, Salesforce, Facebook (Workplace) and ServiceNow have all jumped into this [human resources] market,” notes HR guru and expert, Josh Bersin.

Josh goes on to add that “These are multi-billion dollar vendors, all positioning themselves to compete with the incumbent's Oracle, Workday, SuccessFactors, ADP, and everyone else.” To add to Josh’s statements, in Q3 of 2019 alone, global investments in HR technology stood at $964 million with four deals crossing $100 million each. The future of HR will be characterized by these robust technology vendors as they scale new frontiers in tech disruption.

HR and IT will Revolutionize Employee Experiences

“HR executives know firsthand that it’s impossible to deliver amazing employee experiences in a vacuum: it demands collaborative effort across the company. As Helen Keller once said, ‘Alone we can do so little; together we can do so much,’ writes Sunita Khatri, Product Marketing Leader for ServiesNow’s HR and Employee Experience Solutions.

Khatri goes on to say that HR will not be able to deliver a digital employee experience with IT’s support and cooperation. The first step towards closer collaboration is a co-owned decision-making process for technology investments. One can also predict digital platforms that integrate IT and HR self-service. To digitally empower the HR of the future, Chief Human Resource Officers and Chief Information Officers must collaborate to maximize the value of their people assets.

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