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10 Tips for a Winning LinkedIn Profile

With LinkedIn adding new profile features, including video cover stories and a “creator mode”, there are limitless ways to curate a winning LinkedIn profile. By sharing your personal story and maximizing your LinkedIn presence, you can take advantage of a wide range of new LinkedIn features. Let’s start with 10 tips for a winning LinkedIn profile:

Leverage Your Headline

LinkedIn shows your current job title as your headline by default. Because this profile section is searched heavily, you’ll want to make your headline the title for which you qualify or for which you want. Use a standard title that’s found on employment search sites.

Pump Up That Headline

Add anything you specialize in and any certifications to your headline. Be sure to include the field you’re interested in.

Leverage Your Job Titles

In addition to your headline, your job titles are also heavily weighted by the LinkedIn algorithm. If your formal title is not clear, use a more accurate title to convey to potential employers, colleagues, and clients what you do. As an example, “Level 2 Accountant” may be your internal title, but “Staff Accountant” is your actual job.

Pump Up That Job Title

With 100 characters available for your headline, be sure to include the details of your job: “Staff Accountant, CPA – Purchasing and Acquisition – Western Territory”.

Leverage Keywords

Yes, we must rely on elusive and mysterious keywords. The best and quickest method to discovering the keywords that will grab attention is to find those that others are using. Search either LinkedIn itself or other online job forums for the words listed in

job postings for your job title or industry. Specifically, take note of the required critical skills and experiences for those job postings. And then use those keywords throughout your profile – but don’t overdo it! Algorithms penalize “keyword stuffing” by sending your profile to the bottom of the search list – not to mention, it won’t sound natural to the reader.

Show Off Your Personality

Use your summary/about section to let the human side of your profile shine through. Write about yourself in the first person letting the reader know about the work you do, the type of tasks you enjoy, and what you feel you’re good at. Consider this section to be a break from the formality of the remainder of your profile. But also feel free to brag about the nice things both your supervisor and your clients say about you.

Make It Measurable

In your work experience, describe results in measurable terms such as increased productivity by 10% or cut costs by 15%. You can skip your employer’s resume and simply focus on describing your job with your employer.

Request Recommendations

Not only should you ask former supervisors along with your colleagues and clients to write a recommendation, but you should also make it easy for them by providing a few items you’d like them to include in their recommendation. Go for at least five recommendations.


With LinkedIn-recommended 300-500 connections, the chances that you have common connections with a potential employer, recruiter, or colleague is higher. Your profile is more likely to show up in their search results.

Say Cheese!

That’s right! Update your photo, one in which you’re smiling. A headshot with a neutral background, your profile picture will help you look welcoming and friendly.

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