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10 Must-Dos During a Job Interview for Interviewers

Updated: Sep 19, 2021

Sometimes interviewing candidates can be just as nerve-racking as being interviewed. You want to take full advantage of this face-to-face or screen-to-screen time with candidates to find the best match for your role, but you also want the candidate to feel at ease, allowing them to live up to their potential in conveying what they have to offer your company. We’ve compiled a list of ten must-dos during a job interview for interviewers to help both you and the candidate have the best interview possible:

Prep Work:

Because you’ve already posted the job, you should already have a list of qualifications you’ll need from your candidates. Assuming you’ve screened their resumes for such qualifications, you’ll now revolve your interview around these qualifications. If you’re the hiring manager, review these qualifications with the role’s supervisor to ensure everyone is on the same page. Then, prep your interview questions to include role-specific questions regarding these qualifications. And review each candidate’s resume to determine if you have any questions regarding their experience or skills.

Build the Interview Framework:

Once you’ve prepared your general questions, as well as the job-specific questions, create the framework for the interview. Your interview outline can start with a brief description of both the job and your company. Then, you can transition into the details of the job duties, allowing time for the candidate’s questions about such duties. Finally, the interview will reach the question phase.

Keep It Consistent:

Ask the same questions in the same sequence of each candidate. You may also have additional questions specific to a candidate’s resume. Try to keep it consistent to help you compare candidates in the end.

Get the Details:

Ask specific questions about their current and previous roles to compensate for possible exaggeration. Ask for numbers such as how many people they supervised or what were their sales numbers from the previous year. Then, follow up later in the interview to ensure they haven’t overstated their contributions to their current or previous employer.

Show Interest:

It can be easy to fall into a mechanical response to interviews when you’re meeting with a lot of candidates. Make them feel welcome and comfortable. Engage in small talk at the beginning of the interview. And take notes throughout the interview. Not only will it show your ideal candidate that their potential colleague is professional and kind, but it will also provide you valuable insight into everything your candidates have to offer when they feel at ease and when they feel that you’re genuinely interested.

Career Goals:

Along with asking the general “where do you see yourself in five years” questions, discover your candidates’ professional aspirations. You’ll learn how their goals line up with your company’s professional development opportunities, as well as how the candidate views the company and the role itself.

Short-Term Jobs:

If your candidate’s resume shows previous roles that lasted less than two years, ask why they left those positions. Sometimes short-term roles indicate other issues.


Ask their salary expectations. If the salary you’re offering doesn’t line up with what they’re seeking, they will likely look for another opportunity.

Any Questions?

Throughout the interview, pause for questions from the candidate. Every time you share information about the company or the job, use that time to ask if they have questions. And then, end the formal interview with one last opportunity for them to ask questions. And, of course, make yourself available for follow-up questions via a phone call or email once the interview is over.

What’s Next?

At the end of your interview, provide the next steps of the process to your candidate. Let them know when they can expect to hear from you. And provide them the timeline for filling the position.

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