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Optimum Staffing Solutions, LLC


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Optimum Staffing Solutions is a staffing agency founded in 2015 with the mission of helping organizations recruit the best accounting, finance, and administrative professionals in North Carolina, Georgia, and 48 additional states.



Finding the ideal candidate has always been a challenge in business, and it is even riskier today. Companies are losing time and money hiring ineffective candidates. Even worse, a bad hire can leave a negative impact on your productivity and reputation. To prevent this from happening, and to help you hire the best candidates for the job, we offer a range of staffing solutions along with HR services.


Our vision is to help businesses succeed with the right talent and create better workplaces where employees are thriving and fulfilled. By serving as a bridge between our clients and candidates, we help create accounting, finance, administrative, IT, and additional professional opportunities in Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, Raleigh, NC, Atlanta, GA, and additional cities and states one recruiting project at a time.


We do that by providing a variety of solutions that connect the most qualified professionals with the organizations that need them. Whether you need a temporary worker, an independent contractor, or a full-time employee, we will source the best candidates from our vast talent pool to make the recruiting process fast and fruitful.

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We specialize in recruiting professionals in these three specific fields.

We Make Hiring Easy

Finding qualified professionals can be long and uncertain. Leverage our experience to make this process smooth and effective.

Accounting, Finance, Administrative, IT, and Legal Professional jobs

We specialize in recruiting professionals in these five specific fields.

Affordable staffing and HR solutions

We make a point to offer affordable recruitment placement fees and HR solutions so that you stay on budget.


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We believe in being kind and polite to others such as clients, fellow team members, vendors, and suppliers. We believe that you are kind and polite to any and every person that you encounter. We believe that you show kindness and politeness even if kindness and politeness are not shown to me. We believe in always having a positive attitude and show enthusiasm in all situations.

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We believe in always being professional. We believe in always showing professionalism to clients, fellow team members, vendors, suppliers, and all person’s that we meet.

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We believe in giving ourselves and everything we commit to 100% until we succeed. We believe in being committed to the vision, mission, culture, and success of Optimum Staffing Solutions, LLC, our current and future team, and our clients at all times.

Honesty we believe in always having the courage and the willingness to be open about our feelings and beliefs to the team, clients, potential customers, and vendors.

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We believe in always focusing on our client’s needs and wants. We believe in focusing on making great experiences for our clients, fellow team members, suppliers, and vendors. We believe in focusing on the Company’s Vision, Mission, and Culture Statements. We believe in constantly verbalizing when needed, Optimum Staffing Solutions Vision and Mission Statements to clients, suppliers, and vendors. We believe in focusing on completing our everyday tasks successfully and on time each day. We believe in focusing on excellence, hard work, and consistency.

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We believe in always speaking the truth. What we promise is what we deliver. We believe in only ever make agreements with ourselves and others that we are willing and intend to keep. We believe in communicating potential agreements at the first opportunity and clear up all broken agreements immediately.

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We believe in always respecting individual ideas. We believe in respecting our team members. We believe in respecting other people’s opinions. We believe in respecting ourselves. We believe in respecting our clients. We believe in respecting vendors and suppliers. We believe in respecting the Company’s Vision and Mission Statements. We believe in always respecting the feelings, hard work, and devotion of all team members.

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“The team at Optimum Staffing Solutions provided excellent services to our company. They assisted us in hiring a whole new team. They were responsive to our requests and made sure we hired the right candidates for our company.”

- Prominent Marketing Services



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